Advances in Techniques in Space Plasma Physics

space plasma
Credit, June 18, 2023
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Space plasma is highly variable and susceptible to energy redistribution, acceleration, and transport due to space weather and physical phenomena. Understanding the response and conditions of space plasma is vital in understanding the dynamics of plasma regions, which stretch from the Sun far past the Earth. This meeting aims to understand how advances in techniques shape a global picture of the behaviour of solar-planetary interaction by bringing together a range of different emerging observational, numerical, and computational methods applied to different solar-planetary environments to gain a large-scale insight on the development of space plasma understanding using modern techniques.

We invite abstracts pertaining to all topical areas of space plasma physics, with an emphasis on emerging techniques including, but not limited to, machine learning, numerical modelling, data assimilation and forecasting techniques.


The deadline for abstracts is the12th April 2024:  



Shannon Killey (Northumbria University)

Sarah Bentley (Northumbria University)

Alexandra Fogg (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

Matthew Lang (British Antarctic Survey)

Rachel Black (British Antarctic Survey, University of Exeter)

Venue Address

The Royal Astronomical Society,Burlington House


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