Current Members of the RAS Council

The Royal Astronomical Society is directed and managed by a Council whose members decided by elections held each year. The RAS is a charity under UK law, so the council members also serve as the legal trustees of the charity.

Details on the composition and responsibilities of the Council are given in the bye-laws. The President serves a two-year term; other members serve for between two and five years, depending on the position. 

Details about the responsibilities of the Council are listed below. Click on the Council positions to learn more.


Vice Presidents




Below is a list of the current members of Council. Minutes of the Council meetings (six times a year) are provided at the foot of this page.

Years to serve are counted from the AGM held in May.
A = Astronomy (including cosmology, astrobiology, astrochemistry, astroparticle physics, computational astrophysics etc.)
G = Geophysics (including geophysical fluid dynamics, planetary sciences, solar-terrestrial physics etc.)
T = Telephone number
F = Fax number
E = Email address

Council minutes