Dr Eduard Petrovsky


Institute of Geophysics, The Czech Academy of Sciences

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Geophysical Journal International
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Eduard Petrovsky graduated from solid state physics and completed a PhD in geophysics. Since 2003 he has been a Chair of Department of Geomagnetism at the Institute of Geophysics, The Czech Academy of Sciences. His main research interests are rock magnetism and its environmental applications. Although his first published paper was dealing with paleomagnetism, the scope of subjects of his published papers range from basic rock magnetism through magnetic properties of polluted soils, palaeoclimatic studies to research of nano and microparticles for biomedical applications. The core of his expertise is in magnetic properties of environmental samples (soils, sediments, atmospheric dust). Besides research, he regularly give lectures on Rock Physics at the Charles University in Prague and lectures on Environmental Magnetism in Prague, Brno and Helsinki.