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Grey icy moon Ganymede in front of orange Jupiter
Jupiter's icy moon Ganymede is one of the targets for the European Space Agency's forthcoming JUICE mission; it probably has a subsurface ocean of water that could harbour life.
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The Early Career Network has got off to a flying start since 2020, despite the pandemic. In this issue you can find out about research by early career network members, read about a panel event focused on postgraduate research and check out an interview with the Chair. And in ‘Generation Covid’ you can discover the results of their survey on the impact of Covid-19 – and it’s not been good news for postgraduates and postdocs. 

And there's more – get our pick of recent news, find out about outreach at Kielder Observatory, catch up with the MIST Autumn meeting and, especially, read what Prof, Emma Bunch has to say about the intriguing giant planet Jupiter and its icy moons,  especially the enigmatic Ganymede. 

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