Geophysics in a box

Exploring links between science and sport.


Drawing on the attraction of football for many young people, our programme will deliver inspiring events directly to over 2,200 young people in schools and community groups who rarely get to engage with science projects of this kind. Over 2,000 more will benefit from our extension resources.

The National Youth Agency working in partnership with the National Space Centre and Leicester City Football Club Community Trust will directly deliver 30 sport-inspired workshops that encourage an understanding of the physical properties of the earth and how it influences our lives. Working with The National Space Academy and RAS Fellows we will provide an interpretation of geophysics that demonstrates its relevance to young people’s lives and sparks a long-lasting interest in young people.

Following a Leicester-based pilot the programme will extend to Nottingham Forest and West Bromwich Albion football clubs. Our ‘Geophysics in a Box’ will be given to all participating schools and community groups, developing a legacy of training materials which they can use again and again after participating in the programme. The model can be replicated in schools as well as football and other sports clubs across the UK.