100 years of publishing geophysics

The Earth showing a glowing atmosphere around it with a banner reading the title 'Celebrating 100 Years of Geophysics at the RAS'
Celebrating 100 years of geophysics at the RAS.
RAS/Gurjeet Kahlon
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The Royal Astronomical Society has been publishing scientific research papers for almost 200 years. This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of publishing geophysics papers. We’d like to thank our readers, authors, reviewers and editors for supporting our journal Geophysical Journal International (GJI) and making it the success it is today. Join us in our celebration in the following videos where we look at the beginning of scientific publishing, find out how GJI began, and share a pivotal moment in geophysics.


The beginning of scientific publishing

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How GJI began

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A pivotal moment in geophysics

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