Electronic newsletters available from other sources

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Electronic newsletters available from other sources

o astro-ph Astronomy e-print archive at Los Alamos (Southampton mirror).

o Active Galaxies Newsletter Electronic Active Galaxies Newsletter.

o AGB Newsletter Electronic publication covering stellar evolution from the early AGB to dispersal of the Planetary Nebulae, with an emphasis on mass-loss and circumstellar material.

o The Astrochemical Newsletter A monthly compilation of recently accepted publications in the field of astrochemistry.

o The AstroPAH Newsletter A newsletter focused on research about polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in astronomical environments.

o Be Star Newsletter Electronic publication covering studies of B stars, that show emission in at least Halpha, generally assumed to be produced by a circumstellar disk.

o Cool News Electronic Cool Star Newsletter, dedidated to cool stars and the Sun.

o Dwarf Tales Electronic dwarf galaxy newsletter, including stellar content, ISM, dynamics, formation and evolution. Low and high redshift galaxies, HII galaxies, blue compact dwarfs, dwarf irregulars (except Magellanic Clouds), spheroidals and ellipticals are included.

o Galactic Centre Newsletter The GC Newsletter contains abstracts of recently submitted papers and original articles relating to the Galactic centre.

o Hot Star Newsletter Electronic publication on hot, massive stars (WR, LBV, OBA) and related phenomena in galaxies.

o Magellanic Clouds Newsletter An electronic publication to promote information exchange and interdisciplinary collaboration on the Magellanic Clouds.

o Star Formation Newsletter Electronic Star Formation Newsletter, dedidated to early stellar evolution and molecular clouds.

o UK Solar Physics Newsletter UK Solar Physics Newsletter.

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